Metal Building in Lafayette, Louisiana

This steel shop and garage was supplied by Metal Building Outlet in Lafayette, Louisiana.

This galvalume Nucor structure measured 30’x36’x14’ and had a roof pitch of 4:12.  The Louisiana shop and garage was a quality and cost-effective building that met the needs of the owner.

Lafayette is located approximately 41 miles away from Crowley, LA.

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Steel Shop Building in Ville Platte, Louisiana

Steel Building Kit in Shreveport, Louisiana

Metal Building Outlet provided this prefabricated steel building for a buyer in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Now functioning as a shop, the durable, low-maintenance metal building stands 40’x50’x16’ in size when fully erect. Crafted using high-end steel components, the structure is protected overhead by a robust, corrosion-resistant Galvalume metal roof with a 2:12 pitch. Inside the shop building are (3) framed openings, which include (1) 3070 opening and (2) 14’x14’ openings. In consideration of the humid-subtropical climate of Shreveport and the sometimes-strong storm and tornado activity experienced throughout the region, a snow load of 5 lbs. and a wind speed of 115 mph are included as additional project features.

Louisiana’s third-largest city, Shreveport is a part of Caddo Parish, along the banks of the Red River. The city sits about 37 miles from Mansfield and about 15 miles outside Benton.

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Steel Building in Convent, Louisiana

This steel warehouse was supplied by Metal Building Outlet in Convent, Louisiana.  The Nucor steel building had dimensions of 50’x120’x16’ and a roof pitch of 1:12.  In addition, this steel building was rated to withstand a wind load of 120mph due to high winds associated with tropical storms in that specific region of Louisiana.

Convent is located approximately 57 miles from New Orleans, LA and 39 miles from Thibodaux, LA.  The roof only structure was a cost-effective option for storing farm equipment.

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Steel Building in Shreveport, Louisiana

This forest green Nucor building was supplied by Metal Building Outlet in Shreveport, Louisiana.

The shop measured 50’x100’x18’ it has a roof pitch of 1:12.  The shop was outfitted with two 12’x12’ roll up coil doors and three 3’x7’ walkdoors.  To make the shop a more comfortable working space in Louisiana summers, R-19 roof insulation and R-13 wall insulation was added to the steel building.

Shreveport is located about 111 miles away from Monroe, LA for use as a shop in December of 2011.

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Steel Building in Sulphur, Louisiana

Steel Shop Building in Gonzales, Louisiana

Metal Building Outlet was the supplier of this prefabricated steel building in Gonzales, Louisiana.

Functional, long-lasting and low maintenance, the building now serves as a shop. It is crafted using premium-quality steel components, and it stands 60’x125’x20’ in size when fully erect. Overhead, protecting the interior of the structure from the elements, is a corrosion-resistant Galvalume metal roof with a 1:12 roof pitch.

Inside the metal shop building are (4) 16’x16’ framed openings, each of which is equipped with one of (4) 16’x16’ Model 5000 wind-rated doors. The building also features a high wind speed rating of 130 mph, an addition made in consideration of the climate of the Gonzales area and the strong hurricane activity that sometimes comes through the region. A small city set within eastern Louisiana’s Ascension Parish, Gonzales touts itself the “Jambalaya Capital of the World.” It lies about 47 miles outside Kenner and roughly 25 miles from Baton Rouge.

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Steel Building in Houma, Louisiana

Metal Building Outlet supplied this pre-engineered steel building for a customer in Houma, Louisiana.

Now used as a combination shop and warehouse, the building is crafted from Nucor Building Systems parts, and has a Galvalume roof with a 1:12 roof pitch. With a finished size of 50’x100’x16’, the Louisiana metal building features (5) framed openings, which include (3) 14’x14’ openings and (2) sized 10’x12’. Additional features include (2) 20-gauge steel walk doors for easy entry and access.

Houma is prone to heavy thunderstorm and occasional hurricane activity, and with its propensity for hurricane-strength winds in consideration, the building was constructed with a high wind speed of 115 mph, as well as, a snow load of 5 lbs.

Houma is a part of Terrebonne Parish in southern Louisiana, and lies about 84 miles from Baton Rouge and 57 miles from New Orleans.

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Metal Building in Denham Springs, Louisiana

Metal Building in Cade, Louisiana

Metal Building Outlet supplied this metal building in Cade, Lousiana. This building is located in St. Martin Parrish in southern Louisiana, less than half an hour from both Lafayette and Abbeville.

This building has been used as a personal shop and garage since its purchase in July, 2013. Sturdy Garco components were selected to help this building stand up to the notorious high winds – this garage and shop are rated with a wind load of 110 MPH.

The completed size of this garage/shop is 40’x60’x12’ and the roof is galvalume with a 1:12 pitch. Giving easy access to the spacious interior of this building are five doors. Of the five, four of them are over head doors – two are 12’x10’ and the other two are 10’x10’. The fifth door is a 3’x7’ walk door.

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