Recreational Steel Buildings in Paducah, Kentucky

Commercial Metal Building in Hickory, Kentucky

Metal Building in Lexington, Kentucky

Metal Building Outlet sourced this pre-engineered metal building for a customer in Lexington, Kentucky, in mid-July, 2020.

Spacious, long-lasting and low maintenance, the building now serves agricultural purposes. Featuring top-of-the-line steel construction, it stands an expansive 22’x24’x12’ when raised and has a broad clear span.

Metal Building in Danville, Kentucky

Metal Building Outlet was the proud provider of this prefabricated metal building in Danville, Kentucky, in August of 2020.

Low maintenance and engineered to last, the building is a spacious 65’x130’x16’ and currently undergoes use as a shop.

Metal Building in Flemingsburg, Kentucky

Metal Building Outlet had the honor of supplying this prefabricated metal building for a customer in Flemingsburg, Kentucky. Now used as a barn on a cattle ranch, the building delivers uncompromised strength and durability, resulting in unrivaled protection for animals housed inside. Constructed using premium-quality steel parts, the metal barn stands 30’x50’x12’ in size and features a clear-span design.

Metal Building in Murray, Kentucky

Metal Building Outlet supplied this pre-engineered metal building in Murray, Kentucky, in late July of 2016.

Durable, energy efficient and low maintenance, the fern green-colored metal building boasts a finished size of 60’x80’x20’. It is crafted from top-quality steel components, and its koko brown-colored roof is also made of hardwearing, corrosion-resistant metal and has a 1:12 pitch. The structure now serves as a shop, and it comes equipped with (2) 12’x14’ framed openings.

An insulation package is also included in this project to considerably reduce energy bills while enhancing interior comfort and sound control, and both the building’s roof and walls contain R-10 insulation. A wind speed rating of 115 mph and a snow load of 15 lbs. serve as additional project features and were included to enhance overall durability given the climate and weather patterns typical of Murray and the surrounding region. Considered a home rule-class city, Murray is located within western Kentucky’s Calloway County. It sits about 56 miles from Hopkinsville and about 47 miles outside Paducah.

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Steel Buildings in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky

Metal Building Outlet supplied these (2) steel buildings to a customer in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky, in late April of 2014.

The metal buildings are made of Nucor Building Systems components, and together now serve as a garage. The first of the buildings stands 36’x40’x16’ with a 2:12 roof pitch, while the second stands 24’x40’x20’ and has a 4:12 roof pitch. Both steel buildings feature 3070 framed walk doors to ensure easy access.

Mt. Sterling is known for its hot, humid summers and relatively mild winters, and, as such, the building features a wind speed of 90 mph and a snow load of 14 lbs. per square foot.

Mt. Sterling is located within Montgomery County, in northeastern Kentucky. Considered the principal city of the Mount Sterling Micropolitan Area, Mt. Sterling lies about 17 miles from the Community of Winchester and about 38 miles from the City of Richmond.

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Metal Church Building in Paducah, Kentucky

Steel Building in Paducah, Kentucky

Metal Building Outlet supplied this steel building in Paducah, Kentucky for use as a warehouse. Paducah located about 150 miles away from Bowling Green.

The warehouse was used to store farm equipment as well as provide additional shop space. This Nucor building measures 60’x100’x16’ and has a roof pitch of 1:12.  In addition, the structure has two 12’x12’ overhead doors and two 3’x7’ walkdoors.  Paducah is a city located in McCracken County, Kentucky.

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Metal Building in Georgetown, Kentucky

Metal Building Outlet supplied this prefabricated metal building for a buyer in Georgetown, Kentucky.

Now used as a cold-storage area, the rugged and low-maintenance building crafted from premium-grade steel components stands 80’x200’x18’ once fully erect. It boasts striking light stone-colored paint and a hardwearing, corrosion-resistant Galvalume metal roof with a 1: 12 pitch overhead.

Inside the cold-storage building are (4) framed openings, which include (1) 12’x12’ framed opening and (3) additional door frames housing 3070 walk doors. A wind speed of 115 mph and a snow load of 15 lbs. serve as additional building features. Both inclusions were made at the time of construction to enhance building durability given the climate typical of Georgetown and the surrounding region.

A home-rule class city located within Kentucky’s Scott County, Georgetown is situated about 19 miles from the Kentucky capital city of Frankfort and about 14 miles from Lexington.

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