Steel Building in Cuauhtémoc, Mexico

Metal Building Outlet supplied this steel building in Cuauhtémoc, Mexico. Purchased in 2008, this pre-owned Rockford steel building now serves as a warehouse and storage facility in Cuauhtémoc, a city in the west-central Mexican state of Chihuahua. It is about nine miles outside Mexico City and 254 miles from Veracruz.

This versatile, durable 44’x110’x14’ straight wall portal frame building was constructed with 100mph wind speed, exposure C.  It was a used building which was located in California by Metal Building Outlet for the customer. Shipped first to Arizona and from there the customer picked it up and erecting the structure in Cuauhtémoc. It is stone-beige in color with a dark green roof.  The building has four 12 x14’ doors and a total of 10 6’x4’ windows. To see more of our used building visit our Classified Ads.

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Metal Building in Kingston, Jamaica

Steel Building in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Asia

Purchased from Metal Building Outlet in October, 2012 this Nucor brand airplane hangar is 100’x100’x20’ in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Asia. This building with a Galvalume roof has two framed openings one 70 x16’ and the other 10’x12’.  It was built to handle a wind load as high as 90mph and a snow load of 30lbs.

Ulaanbaatar is the capital and largest city in Mongolia, Asia it is widely recognized as the country’s primary industrial, financial and cultural hub. It’s located in north central Mongolia in a valley along the Tuul River about 140 miles from Darkhan and just over 200 miles from Erdenet.

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Metal Building in Sucker Garden, St. Maarten

Metal Building Outlet supplied this steel building it was built in Sucker Garden, this 40’x60’x14’ metal building serves as a storage warehouse for ice, water and beverage. The building was shipped through the port of West Palm Beach, FL. It was built to withstand wind speeds as high as 145mph, critical given St. Maarten’s six-month hurricane season which runs from the first of June through the end of November.  Steel buildings are an ideal construction choice for St. Maarten due to their durability and capacity to withstand substantial amounts of moisture and wind.

Long-revered as a favorite Caribbean vacation destination, St. Maarten encompasses the southern half of the island of St. Martin. It is part of the smallest land mass in the world to be shared by two different nations (France and Denmark). Sucker Garden on the Dutch side, is only one mile from Phillipsburg and six miles from Cul de Sac.

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Metal Building in El Pinacate, Mexico

Metal Building Outlet supplied this steel building in El Pinacate, Mexico. This 40’ x 120’ x 14’ used Sunward brand metal building serves as a processing plant. It was picked up in Yuma, Arizona by the purchaser, the owner of a trucking company, before being transported to the volcanic region 56 miles from Guadalupe Victoria and about 200 miles from Nogales. Due to a tricky original storage location the metal building was difficult to load.  Metal Building Outlet was able to overcome loading obstacles by securing additional trucks in order to get the job done in a timely efficient manner.

El Pinacate, Mexico is a biosphere reserve located within the Sonoran Desert of Northwest Mexico, below the Arizona border and near the cities of Puerto Pensaco, Sonoita and San Luis Rio Colorada in the state of Sonora.

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Steel Building in Bridgetown, Barbados

This building is located on the lovely island of Barbados and was purchased in 2011 from Metal Building Outlet.  Used as a sawmill machinery warehouse for Cottage & Grove LTD.

With lovely light stone walls and a galvalume roof, this Nucor building is attractive and functional.  The walls of this building are also insulated to help keep this building comfortable with an R-13 insulation package. The building was delivered to Jacksonville, FL port and from there shipped to Bridgetown Seaport in Barbados.

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Metal Building in St. James, Barbados

Metal Building Outlet supplied this steel building. Built in May 2012, in the lovely city of Saint James, Barbados is this new manufacturing building for Carrington Plantation. This Nucor building is practical and attractive with Aztec Blue walls and a brilliant polar white roof. The 80’x120’x16’ metal building has 4 12’x14’ overhead doors and 4 3’x7’ walkdoors.  The roof was insulated with R-10 insulation.

Most people look to Barbados as a vacation destination, and rightfully so.  The stunning white beaches of Saint James are a sight to behold.  Not far from Upper Carlton and Welches Heights, Saint James is a popular tourist destination.

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Metal Building in Irvine, Alberta Canada

Metal Building Outlet supplied this steel building Irvine, Alberta Canada. Irvine is about 20 miles from Medicine Hat and 325 miles from Calgary, Alberta, Canada is where this Nucor building was built.  It was built as a horse riding arena. The 80’x140’x18’ arena was designed with 2 18’x14’ framed openings.

Steel buildings are frequently used for equestrian purposes because they affordable and durable structure.

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Metal Building in Kerrabert, SK, Canada

Metal Building Outlet supplied this steel building located about 190 miles from Saskatoon and 150 miles from North Battlefield in Saskatchewan in the town of Kerrabert.  This 60’x95’x18’ shop was built in January, 2012.  It is a Nucor steel building with light stone colored walls and a galvalume roof.  It features 3 16’x16’ overhead doors and 1 3’x4’ walkdoor to meet the owner’s needs.

Since the climate in northern Canada is notoriously harsh in the winter months both the walls and roof of the shop are insulated.  Rating for the roof insulation is R-29 and the walls are insulated with an R-19.

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Steel Building in Dysart, SK Canada

Metal Building Outlet supplied this steel building located about 100 miles from Regina and 150 miles from Yorkton in Saskatchewan in the village of Dysart.  This building was built in September, 2012 for a farm.  The buyer received several bids and our company was able to supply the best quality and price for the project with a Nucor metal building.

The steel building features an insulation package designed to handle the harsh Canadian climate. The building has R-13 grade insulation for the walls and R-19 on the roof.

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