Metal Building in George West, Texas

Steel Building in Pleasant Hill, Missouri

Metal Building in Wells, Nevada

Wyoming Riding Arena

Equestrian Arena in Rawlins, Wyoming

Nevada Equestrian Building

Metal Building in Dayton, Nevada

Metal Building in Las Cruces, New Mexico

Metal Building Outlet was the proud supplier of this pre-engineered metal building in Las Cruces, New Mexico, in October of 2020.

Rugged, easy to raise and built to last, the building now functions as an equestrian arena, offering superior protection for horses and riders.

Steel Buildings in Greer, South Carolina

Metal Building Outlet supplied these (3) pre-engineered steel buildings for a customer in Greer, South Carolina. Rugged, spacious and easy to maintain, the (3) steel buildings all function as arenas, offering ample space to use as the owner sees fit. All of the buildings boast Old Town Gray paint, enhancing their curb appeal, and the first stands 124’x263’x20’ once raised, while the second and third buildings stand 20’x263’x20’. The metal arenas all have high overhead clearance, making them ideal for athletic, equestrian or other use.

Metal Building in Livingston, Montana

Metal Building Outlet supplied this preconstructed metal building in Livingston, Montana. Koko brown in color, the attractive and functional building now serves as the Peregrine Equestrian Center. The arena is comprised of top-quality steel materials, and it stands 80’x175’x16’ in size once fully erect.

Steel Building in Schlater, Mississippi

Metal Building Outlet provided this pre-engineered steel building in Schlater, Mississippi.

Crafted using premium-grade steel components, the hardwearing, large-scale metal building is tan in color, and it now serves as an arena. It boasts a finished size of 120’x240’x16’ once fully erect, and its heavy-duty roof is made of long-lasting, corrosion-resistant Galvalume metal and has a 1:12 pitch.

Inside, the arena features (4) framed openings, which include (2) 3070 openings designed for user entry and access and an additional (2) 12’x14’ openings. A snow load of 5 lbs. and a wind speed rating of 115 mph serve as supplementary features with respect for the weather and climate patterns common throughout Schlater and the surrounding region. A small town set within Mississippi’s Leflore County, Schlater is a part of the Greenwood, Mississippi micropolitan area. It lies about 114 miles from Jackson and about 89 miles outside Oxford. 

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Horse Riding Arena in White Plains, Maryland

This steel riding arena was supplied by Metal Building Outlet in White Plains, Maryland in 2010. This Nucor-brand riding arena measured 100’x200’x18’ and had a roof pitch of 1:12.  Metal Building Outlet supplied the galvalume roof, and the owner opted to independently purchase wall sheeting.

The riding arena is located about 60 miles from Baltimore, Maryland and 100 miles from Washington.

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