Metal Building in Livingston, Montana

Metal Building Outlet supplied this preconstructed metal building in Livingston, Montana. Koko brown in color, the attractive and functional building now serves as the Peregrine Equestrian Center. The arena is comprised of top-quality steel materials, and it stands 80’x175’x16’ in size once fully erect.

Steel Building in Schlater, Mississippi

Metal Building Outlet provided this pre-engineered steel building in Schlater, Mississippi.

Crafted using premium-grade steel components, the hardwearing, large-scale metal building is tan in color, and it now serves as an arena. It boasts a finished size of 120’x240’x16’ once fully erect, and its heavy-duty roof is made of long-lasting, corrosion-resistant Galvalume metal and has a 1:12 pitch.

Inside, the arena features (4) framed openings, which include (2) 3070 openings designed for user entry and access and an additional (2) 12’x14’ openings. A snow load of 5 lbs. and a wind speed rating of 115 mph serve as supplementary features with respect for the weather and climate patterns common throughout Schlater and the surrounding region. A small town set within Mississippi’s Leflore County, Schlater is a part of the Greenwood, Mississippi micropolitan area. It lies about 114 miles from Jackson and about 89 miles outside Oxford. 

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Horse Riding Arena in White Plains, Maryland

This steel riding arena was supplied by Metal Building Outlet in White Plains, Maryland in 2010. This Nucor-brand riding arena measured 100’x200’x18’ and had a roof pitch of 1:12.  Metal Building Outlet supplied the galvalume roof, and the owner opted to independently purchase wall sheeting.

The riding arena is located about 60 miles from Baltimore, Maryland and 100 miles from Washington.

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Steel Building in Chelsea, Michigan

Metal Building Outlet supplied this steel building in Chelsea, Michigan.  This building is about an hour from both Lansing and Detroit in Washtenaw County in southeastern Michigan.  Used as a riding arena, since December, 2011, this Nucor building showcases the versatility and affordability of metal equestrian arenas.

With a generous size of 80’x180’x18’, this arena is spacious enough to meet the needs of the owners.  The roof features a 6:12 pitch and has a snow load capacity of 17.5 PSF. The arena is rated for wind loads up to 90 MPH, making it sturdy for the climate of southern Michigan.

There are several doors and framed openings on this building.  Of these, there are eight overhead doors (2 – 12’x12’ and 6 – 16’x12’), a 3’x7’ walk door, and 12 – 16’x4’.  Giving the interior of the arena natural light are 6 – 4’x5’ windows.

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Steel Buildings in White Shield, North Dakota

Metal Building Outlet was the supplier of these (2) pre-engineered steel equestrian buildings in White Shield, North Dakota, in October of 2019.

Currently functioning as riding arenas, the (2) steel equestrian buildings offer unparalleled strength and durability, delivering reliable protection for animals and riders. The larger of the buildings is an expansive 100’x310’x16’ in size, while the second, smaller metal arena stands 33’x310’x16’. Both buildings have high overhead clearance, making them safe for their intended usage, and they both have rugged, corrosion-resistant Galvalume roofs with 1:12 pitch overhead, protecting the riding areas from the North Dakota elements.

As far as accessibility, the steel equestrian buildings have (6) framed openings between them, which include (3) 14’x14’ overhead door openings and (3) 3070 walk door openings enclosing (3) 3070 walk doors. They also feature 43-pound snow loads and 115-mph wind speed ratings; customizations made in consideration of North Dakota’s sometimes-harsh climate and the building code restrictions currently in place at the address.

Part of the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, White Shield, North Dakota, is a part of McLean County. The area sits about 96 miles outside Bismarck and about 56 miles northwest of Washburn.

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Metal Building in Hesperus, Colorado

Metal Building Outlet was the supplier of this pre-engineered metal building in Hesperus, Colorado.

Now serving as an equestrian arena for HD Ranch, a provider of riding lessons, horse boarding and training services, the rugged, energy-efficient metal arena features a clear-span design that is largely free from instructions and stands 94’x125’x25’ in size.

Metal Building in Sheridan, California

Metal Building Outlet provided this prefabricated steel building for a customer in Sheridan, California, in late July of 2017.

Now operating as an arena, the attractive, durable and easy-to-maintain metal building boasts a finished size of 100’x150’x16’ when fully constructed. A rugged, corrosion-resistant Galvalume metal roof with a 1:12 pitch sits overhead, protecting the building against damage and the elements, and the arena itself is comprised of top-of-the-line steel materials.

In addition to supreme functionality with minimal upkeep, the metal arena offers a 110-mph wind speed rating, an inclusion made in consideration of the weather and climate characteristics of Sheridan and the surrounding landscape. A census-designated community located within northern California’s Placer County, Sheridan sits about 7.5 miles outside Lincoln and about 38 miles outside the California capital of Sacramento.

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Steel Riding Arena in Soldotna, Alaska

Metal Building Outlet supplied this pre-engineered steel building for a buyer in Soldotna, Alaska.

Light stone in color and crafted from Nucor Building Systems components, the building is now used as a riding arena. It stands 80’x180’x16’ and is covered by a Galvalume roof with a 1:12 roof pitch.

The large-scale metal building boasts a total of (25) framed openings, among them (3) that are 12’x14’ in size, (2) that are covered by 3070 walk doors and an additional (20) 3’x10’ skylight windows. The building also has R-3 insulation in the roof to help minimize energy expenditures while enhancing overall user comfort, as well as, a high wind speed of 120 mph and a snow load of 70 lbs. in consideration of Alaska’s arctic climate and considerable precipitation and snowfall.

The City of Soldotna is located in the Kenai Peninsula Borough in southern Alaska. It sits about 93 miles outside Seward and 11 miles from Kenai.

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