Metal Warehouse Building in Baring, Missouri

This sagebrush tan Nucor-brand steel building was supplied by Metal Building Outlet to Baring, Missouri in 2011 for use as warehouse storage.  The metal warehouse measured 70’x150’x18’ and had a roof pitch of 2:12.  It was outfitted with multiple framed openings: two 12’x15’, three 14’x15’ and five 30’’x20’’.  It also has four 3070 walkdoors, two 4’x5’ windows and two 4’x3’ windows.  To help to make the building more energy efficient it has R-13 roof insulation and R-10 wall insulation.

Baring is in rural Knox County, Missouri.  It is located about 202 miles from Kansas City and 117 miles from Columbia.  One notable job challenge involved a missing wainscot.     The wainscot was ordered promptly, and no other challenges or issues were reported.

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