Steel Building in Wiggins, Colorado

Metal Building Outlet supplied this steel building in Wiggins, Colorado in May, 2014.  Occasionally, after purchasing a metal building, the original owner forfeits the building due to various reasons, including the inability to receive proper building approval, etc.  This building was one which had been forfeited by the original owner and due to this, Metal Building Outlet was able to provide this building as a warehouse for the current owner at a significant discount. Additionally, Metal Building Outlet was able to offer assistance on freight for these Nucor components.

With instances such as these, there may be issues with getting the building up to code, since it may have been ordered for another purpose, with different specs and often with different requirements to meet local building codes. Our experts can help by working with the building department (as we did in this instance) to reduce headaches and meet all of your local building codes.

To meet the demands of this building in north eastern Morgan county (about 15 miles from Ft. Morgan and about 40 miles from Greeley), this building has wall insulation as well as wind and snow ratings appropriate to the climate.  The walls are insulated with high efficiency R-32 double layer (6” + 4”) insulation and the warehouse is rated for wind speeds up to 110 MIP and a snow load of 32 PSF.

This building has exterior walls that are fern green and a galvalume roof with a 1:12 pitch. The warehouse is 60x100x16’ it has a 12’x14’ overhead door and a 3’x7’ walk door.

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