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Metal Building in Mechanicsville, Virginia

Steel Workshop in Kitts Hill, Ohio

Metal Building Outlet was the provider of this premanufactured metal building in Kitts Hill, Ohio. Functional, versatile and requiring only minimal maintenance over its lifetime, the building boasts premium-grade steel construction and a finished size of 40’x100’x14’.

Prefabricated Steel Workshop in Houston, Texas

Metal Building in Page, Arizona

Metal Building Outlet sourced this pre-engineered metal building on behalf of a customer in Page, Arizona, in late December of 2019.

Offering a space-maximizing clear span, the building functions as a shop and stands 50’x60’x16’ in size once raised, featuring high overhead clearance. Rugged, low maintenance and built to last, it has a heavy-duty Galvalume roof with a 1:12 pitch providing protection from above.

The metal shop is easily accessible to users thanks to (5) framed openings, among them (3) 12’x14’ overhead door opening enclosing (3) 12’x14’ overhead doors and (2) 3070 walk door openings, each containing one of (2) 3070 walk doors. Other notable elements and customizations include a 20-pound snow load and a 115-mph wind speed rating, which keep the steel shop compliant with appropriate building codes while making it well-suited for life in northern Arizona.

Located along scenic Lake Powell, the city of Page is part of northern Arizona’s Coconino County. It sits roughly 130 miles north of Flagstaff, near the Arizona-Utah border.

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Metal Building in Gilroy, California

Metal Building Outlet secured this prefabricated metal building on behalf of a customer in Gilroy, California, in December of 2019.

Energy efficient and structurally secure, the building undergoes use as a workshop and features premium-quality steel construction. Following a fast erection process, it stands 48’x100’x11’ in size and has a wide clear span that eliminates unnecessary obstructions, freeing up more interior space to work or store goods.

Protecting the inside of the shop from overhead is a corrosion-resistant Galvalume metal roof with a 1:12 pitch, and found throughout the space are (9) framed openings. Featured are (5) 6’x3’ openings, (1) 3070 walk door opening equipped with (1) 3070 walk door, (2) 12’x10’ overhead door openings and (1) 10’x10’ overhead door opening enclosing (1) 10’x10’ overhead door.

In its roof and walls, the shop has layers of R-13 insulation, which offer a number of notable benefits. The insulation helps create a more comfortable year-round work environment, for example, and it also makes for a more sound-proof interior. Other notable features include a 115-mph wind speed rating, which keeps the shop compliant with applicable building codes.

Known as the “Garlic Capital of the World,” Gilroy, California, is a part of Northern California’s Santa Clara County. The predominantly agricultural area lies about 16 miles south of the city of San Jose.

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Metal Workshop Building in Idaho Falls, Idaho

Steel Workshop Building in Hesperia, California

Steel Building in Turks and Caicos

Metal Building Outlet supplied this pre-engineered steel building in Turks and Caicos.

Strong, sturdy and long-lasting, steel construction is ideal for life in the islands, and this preconstructed metal workshop is as attractive as it is functional. Offering a Light Stone exterior and a complementing Solar White roof with a 1:12 pitch, the workshop stands 30’x80’x16’ in size once fully erect.

Steel Building in Davie, Florida

Metal Building Outlet sourced this rugged, preconstructed steel building in Davie, Florida.

Economical, sustainable and easily adaptable, should the need arise, this hardwearing metal building now operates as a workshop. Comprised of long-lasting, top-quality steel components, it offers a finished size of 34’x26’x10’ once fully erect, while an Evergreen metal roof with a 3.23:12 pitch sits overhead, guarding against corrosion and South Florida’s sometimes-considerable rainfall.

A high, 180-mph wind speed rating serves as an additional shop attribute, a decision made to enhance overall durability with regard for the hurricanes that sometimes come through the area. The steel building also offers supreme strength and helps muffle noise made by workshop users inside. Part of the Miami metropolitan area, Davie sits within Broward County, in the southeastern part of the state. The town lies about 11 miles outside Fort Lauderdale and roughly 21 miles outside Coral Springs.

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Steel Building in Mount Hermon, Louisiana