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Metal Shop Building in Clearbrook, Minnesota

Metal Building Outlet supplied this pre-engineered metal building for a buyer in Clearbrook, Minnesota, in late January, 2015.

Now functioning as a shop, the durable, low-maintenance metal building is designed with supreme energy efficiency in mind. Crafted from rugged, hardwearing steel components, the building stands 50’x100’x16’ and is covered overhead and protected by a corrosion-resistant Galvalume metal roof with a 4:12 roof pitch. Inside it are (3) framed openings, which include (2) 24’x17’ openings and (1) that houses a 3070 walk door for user access.

Installed in the roof of the building is high-performance, high R-value R-35 building insulation, and installed within the walls is R-19 insulation. In addition to keeping interior temperatures consistent despite Minnesota’s long, sometimes bitterly cold winters, the insulation considerably reduces energy costs while enhancing noise control at the same time. In addition to the insulation package, this building is designed for maximum durability with respect to the typical climate of the area. As such, it boasts a wind speed of 115 mph and a high snow load of 60 lbs. In addition to this metal shop building, the customer purchased components for (2) additional 20’x100’ lean-to structures.

Located within Clearwater County, the city of Clearwater is located about 106 miles outside Grand Prairie and about 56 miles from River Falls.

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Metal Building in Burleson, Texas

Metal Building in Gilroy, California

Metal Building Outlet secured this prefabricated metal building on behalf of a customer in Gilroy, California, in December of 2019.

Energy efficient and structurally secure, the building undergoes use as a workshop and features premium-quality steel construction. Following a fast erection process, it stands 48’x100’x11’ in size and has a wide clear span that eliminates unnecessary obstructions, freeing up more interior space to work or store goods.

Protecting the inside of the shop from overhead is a corrosion-resistant Galvalume metal roof with a 1:12 pitch, and found throughout the space are (9) framed openings. Featured are (5) 6’x3’ openings, (1) 3070 walk door opening equipped with (1) 3070 walk door, (2) 12’x10’ overhead door openings and (1) 10’x10’ overhead door opening enclosing (1) 10’x10’ overhead door.

In its roof and walls, the shop has layers of R-13 insulation, which offer a number of notable benefits. The insulation helps create a more comfortable year-round work environment, for example, and it also makes for a more sound-proof interior. Other notable features include a 115-mph wind speed rating, which keeps the shop compliant with applicable building codes.

Known as the “Garlic Capital of the World,” Gilroy, California, is a part of Northern California’s Santa Clara County. The predominantly agricultural area lies about 16 miles south of the city of San Jose.

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Steel Building in Merino, Colorado

Steel Building in Indianapolis, Indiana

Metal Building Outlet supplied this pre-engineered steel building in Indianapolis, Indiana, in early January of 2017.

Attractive, low maintenance and energy efficient, the building is light stone in color and now serves as a shop for its owner. It stands 40’x120’x14’ in size, and it is protected overhead by a rugged, corrosion-resistant Galvalume roof with a 2:12 pitch. Inside the metal shop building are (4) framed openings, which include (2) 12’x12’ openings and (2) 3070 openings.

Installed in the structure’s roof and walls is R-10 fiberglass insulation, which reduces energy bills considerably while enhancing interior comfort year-round. A snow load of 20 lbs. and a wind speed rating of 115 mph are additional project features, and they were added in consideration of the four distinct seasons and variable weather patterns characteristic of the region. Indiana’s state capital, the city of Indianapolis sits about 172 miles outside Evansville and about 77 miles from Terre Haute.

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Shop Building in Ewing, Illinois

Metal Building Outlet supplied this pre-engineered metal building for a buyer in Ewing, Illinois, in mid-November of 2016.

Fox gray in color, the rugged and energy-efficient steel building stands 80’x125’x20’ in size and is now used as a shop by the owner. Its roof is made of corrosion-resistant Galvalume metal and has a 2.5:12 pitch, and inside the metal shop building are (10) framed openings in two different sizes. Included are (6) 18’x18’ openings and (4) 3’4”x7’2” framed openings.

To keep energy bills associated with the building down while also enhancing noise control and interior comfort for building users, an insulation package is included in this project. R-16 insulation can be found within the roof of the shop, while R-13 insulation can be found in the shop’s walls. A snow load of 15 lbs. and a wind speed rating of 115 mph are also included in consideration of the distinct seasonal climate differences common throughout Ewing and the surrounding area.

A sparsely populated village set within Franklin County, in south-central Illinois, Ewing is located about nine miles north of Benton. The village lies about 45 miles from Centralia and 30 miles outside Marion.

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Metal Building in Juneau, Alaska

Metal Building Outlet was pleased to supply this pre-engineered metal shop building for a customer in Juneau, Alaska. Insulated to make it energy efficient and suitable for year-round use in Alaska, the multipurpose metal building features a wide clear span, freeing up plenty of room for work and storage, and stands 30’x60’x24’ in size. The building’s high overhead clearance further improves its versatility, and its rugged, durable Galvalume roof resists corrosion and has a 3:12 pitch.

Steel Buildings in Atwater, California

Metal Building Outlet supplied these (2) pre-engineered steel buildings for a customer in Atwater, California, in October of 2019.

Spacious, multifunctional and easy to get into thanks to multiple access points in an array of different sizes, the (2) buildings feature premium-quality steel construction, resulting in unparalleled durability. Used as shops, the buildings differ in size, with the first standing 64’x156’x16’ and the second, 54’x185’x16’.

Both metal workshops feature high overhead clearance and hardwearing Galvalume roofs with 1:12 pitches overhead, and distributed between them are (27) framed openings ranging in terms of size and purpose. Featured are (9) 3’4”x7’2” walk door openings, (14) 3070 walk door openings enclosing (14) 3060 walk doors and (4) windows that allow natural sunlight to enter the workshops.

A 110-mph wind speed rating serves as an additional customization made with respect for local building codes and climate patterns. Part of California’s Merced County, Atwater sits about 8 miles outside the city of Merced and about 64 miles northwest of Fresno.

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Steel Workshop Building in Lewis, Iowa

Metal Building Outlet sourced this pre-engineered steel workshop building for a customer in Lewis, Iowa, in October of 2019.

Designed to stand strong in the face of heavy winds, moisture, extreme temperatures and other potential construction concerns, the building stands an expansive 80’x53’x16’ in size and currently functions as a shop. Fox Gray in color, the structure offers impressive curb appeal, and it also has high overhead clearance and a wide clear-span, which enhance its overall versatility.

A heavy-duty metal roof comprised of Galvalume steel panels sits overhead, offering a subtle 1:12 roof pitch, and (4) framed openings ranging in size make the workshop easily accessible for users. Distributed throughout the property are (2) 10’x14’ openings, (1) 3070 opening and (1) 10’x10 opening. A high, 120-mph wind speed rating is another customization that keeps the shop in compliance with local building codes while making it especially well-suited for life in Iowa.

Part of southwestern Iowa’s Cass County, the city of Lewis sits along the East Nishabotna River. The community is located about 43 miles east of Council Bluffs and about 20 miles, by car, from Hancock.

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Metal Building in Liberty, Illinois

Metal Building Outlet supplied this pre-engineered metal building for a customer in Liberty, Illinois.

Now an operational workshop, the rugged, easy-to-maintain building is comprised of top-quality steel components. Following a simple erection process, it stands 70’x125’x16’ in size, while a roof crafted from Galvalume metal panels sits overhead, protecting against the elements and offering a 1:12 pitch.

Distributed throughout the metal workshop are (17) framed openings varying in terms of size and purpose, among them (2) 25’x16’ openings, (1) 3070 opening enclosing (1) 3070 walk door, (2) 3’x6’ framed openings and (12) 9’x10’ openings. Additional project features added with regard for the climate characteristics of the area include a 115-mph wind speed rating and a 20-pound snow load, both of which better equip the building for life in Illinois.

A small village set within west-central Illinois’ Adams County, Liberty is a part of the Quincy, IL-MO Micropolitan Statistical Area. It lies about 97 miles northwest of St. Louis and about 78 miles west of the city of Springfield.

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