Metal Building in Port Lavaca, Texas

Metal Building Outlet was pleased to supply this prefabricated metal building for a customer in Port Lavaca, Texas. Designed and engineered for use as a porch, the metal building features top-of-the-line steel construction, resulting in unsurpassed structural integrity. Once raised, the prefabricated steel porch is 20’x9.6’x10.10’ in size, and it has a wide clear span that frees up more usable floor space by eliminating trusses and supports.

Roof-Only Metal Structure in Sylva, North Carolina

Metal Building Outlet sourced this preconstructed metal building for a customer located in Sylva, North Carolina. Crafted from top-of-the-line steel components, this large, roof-only structure stands 80’x200’x17’ once completely erect. The roof itself is comprised of hardwearing, long-lasting Galvalume metal that resists corrosion and has a 1:12 roof pitch.

Steel Shop Building in Sacramento, California

Metal Building Outlet was pleased to provide this pre-engineered steel building on behalf of a customer in Sacramento, California, in mid-December of 2019.

In use as a shop cover, the metal structure features top-of-the-line steel composition, resulting in unrivaled protection for what’s stored underneath. Once erect, the steel cover stands 40’x237’x19’ in size, and its roof has a slight 0.5:12 pitch and is comprised of rugged, hardwearing Galvalume steel paneling.

In consideration of the climate characteristics typical of Sacramento as well as the building codes currently applicable in the city, a 94-mph wind speed rating serves as another notable project customization. California’s state capital, the city of Sacramento lies at the confluence of the Sacramento and American rivers, in Sacramento County. California’s fifth-largest community, Sacramento sits about 88 miles northwest of San Francisco and about 98 miles, by car, from Santa Rosa.

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Metal Roof-Only Building in Fallon, Nevada

Metal Building Outlet supplied this pre-engineered metal roof-only building in Fallon, Nevada, in September of 2019.

Comprised of robust, reliable steel components, the roof-only metal building functions as a protective cover, offering optimal defense for stored vehicles, RVs, farm equipment or whatever else the building owner wants to protect from the elements. Once erect, the steel cover stands an expansive 20’x50’x15’ in size and offers the high clearance necessary for storing a wide range of assets.

The roof itself has a 1:12 pitch and is comprised of hardwearing, corrosion-resistant Galvalume steel panels. Several supplemental features further equip the metal roof-only building for life in Nevada’s climate while keeping the structure in compliance with local building codes, among them a 20-pound snow load and a 115-mph wind speed rating.

Largely an agricultural community, Fallon is a part of western Nevada’s Churchill County. The area sits about 110 miles outside Austin, Nevada, which is the closest town.

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