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Metal Building Kit in Alvarado, Texas

Metal Building Outlet sourced this preconstructed metal building kit on behalf of a client in Alvarado, Texas.

The massive, built-to-last metal structure serves commercial purposes and offers a finished size of 200’x400’x18’.

Metal Building in Houston, Texas

Metal Building Outlet supplied this rugged, prefabricated metal building in Houston, Texas, in late October of 2017.

Energy efficient and offering considerable exterior appeal, the metal building now functions as a workshop. It boasts premium-quality steel construction and a finished size of 100’x60’x14’.

Garage Building

Metal Building in Quemado, Texas

Metal Building Outlet supplied this pre-engineered steel building for a customer located in Quemado, Texas, in early August of 2016.

Durable, long-lasting and low maintenance, the building is light stone in color and boasts a rugged, hardwearing polar white metal roof with a 2:12 pitch. Crafted from premium-quality steel components, the attractive, well-adorned metal building stands 60’x140’15’ in size, and it now serves as a shop for the owner

Metal Building in Kremmling, Colorado

Metal Building Outlet supplied this pre-engineered metal building for a buyer in Kremmling, Colorado, in April of 2016.

Crafted from top-of-the-line steel components, the building stands 60’x100’x16’ when fully erect.

Metal Crane Building in Lyons, Colorado

Metal Building Outlet supplied this pre-engineered metal building for a customer in Lyons, Colorado, in early July of 2015.

Now a crane building, the structure stands 69.4’x72’x19.6’ in size and is crafted from premium-quality steel components. Its roof is made of rugged, corrosion-resistant Galvalume metal and has a 1:12 roof pitch. Inside the durable, low-maintenance structure are (14) framed openings varying in size and purpose. These include (2) 3070 openings housing (2) 3070 steel walk doors with 20-gauge panic hardware, (10) 3’x5’4” wall-light windows, (1) custom framed opening with trim and a 59’8”x2’1” t-shaped opening over the top and (1) additional 15’x16’x7/8” opening enclosing (2) double-swinging doors. The last opening also features (2) jambs and a full wrap.

To reduce energy costs associated with the building, high R-value, R-30 insulation is installed within the building’s roof, while R-19 metal building insulation can be found in the walls. A high wind speed of 166 mph and a snow load of 30 lbs. serve as additional project features, and were included to enhance durability given the typical climate of Lyons.

A statutory town set within Boulder County, Lyons is located about 21 miles outside Estes Park and 12 miles outside Longmont.

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