Metal Shop Building in Oklahoma

Metal Building Outlet was pleased to provide this prefabricated metal shop building for a customer in Oklahoma in late September of 2019.

Currently undergoing use as a shop, the building features top-of-the-line steel construction, resulting in unmatched strength and durability. Standing 40’x80’x18’ in size, it offers high overhead clearance, enhancing overall versatility, and it also has a broad clear span that maximizes usable space by eliminating interior columns.

Covering and protecting the steel shop from above is a robust and corrosion-resistant Galvalume Plus roof with a 3:12 pitch, and the shop also boasts (2) framed openings, which include (1) 12’x12’ opening enclosing (1) 12’x12’ door and (1) 3070 opening enclosing (1) 3070 walk door. Other customizations include a wind speed rating of 115 mph and a snow load of 15 pounds; both of which keep the building in compliance with building code requirements while making it especially well-suited for its particular environment.

A top producer of natural gas, oil and agricultural products, Oklahoma covers a variety of different terrain. The state borders Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, New Mexico and Colorado.

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