Metal Shipping Container Roof Kit

Shipping Container Roof Kits

Engineered roof systems complete with stamped drawings and design load certifications for building departments.

Shipping Container Roof Kits are great for creating a permanent covered area between two shipping containers, shipping container roofs, or podroofs, allow you to make more efficient use of the space you already have. If you have existing shipping containers and need an open-air, weather-resistant place to work, store items or use for both purposes, a shipping container roof represents an affordable solution.

Shipping Container Roof Kits have Endless Uses

  • Construction and jobsite storage
  • Vehicle storage
  • Tractor/farm equipment storage
  • Covered workshop or maintenance space
  • Hay Storage
  • Mobile clinics
  • Crisis/emergency service areas

…among other common uses. Because these container covers attach directly to your shipping containers, you don’t need to worry about adding a concrete foundation as long as the space where your containers are located is flat, even and free from debris.

Economical, quick to fabricate and easy to install, a shipping container with a metal roof turns space you’d otherwise waste into a functional, versatile asset.

Prefabricated Shipping Container Roof Kit

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