Steel Building in Owasso, Oklahoma

Metal Building Outlet supplied this steel building in Owasso, Oklahoma in December, 2012.  This Nucor metal building is used as a laundry facility and storage area for an apartment complex in northeastern Oklahoma in Rogers County.  Located in a suburb of Tulsa and is less than half an hour drive to Bartlesville.

The exterior walls for the building are light stone and the roof is galvalume.  During the ordering process, the sizes of the proposed building were changed due to the need to meet various building codes.  The final size of the building is 38’x40’x12’.  The end wall was redesigned to accept a wainscot of brick panels. Two large 12’x12’ doors allow easy access to the interior of the building as well as a 6’x7’ and three 3’x7’ knock down doors.

There are gutters and downspouts included to accommodate the sometimes heavy rains of the area north of Tulsa County and the roof features a 2:12 pitch.  Additionally, to accommodate the climate of the area, energy saving fiberglass insulation is installed on both the roof and walls.  The roof is insulated with a single layer of 6” R-19 fiberglass insulation and the walls are insulated with a single layer of 4” R-13 insulation.

This building is rated for sustained wind speeds of 90 MPH and a 10 PSF ground snow load, making it ideally planned for the often unpredictable Oklahoma climate.  Additionally, this laundry facility and metal storage building holds honor of the Oklahoma Metal Building Design Certification.

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