MBO Company Still Operating Remotely Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Metal Building Company Photo

When the global COVID-19 pandemic first began, Metal Building Outlet, Corp., shifted its operations to allow employees to work from the comfort and safety of their own homes. MBOC made this pivot to protect not only our employees, but also our customers. Because of the uncertainty surrounding the current state of the virus and our emphasis on metal building company safety, we plan to continue to operate remotely through 2021.

While working remotely may not be appropriate for all professionals or industries, MBO has found the transition to be a seamless one. We’ve also found that working virtually doesn’t inhibit production, turn times or the high degree of customer service you’ve come to expect from your preferred metal building supplier. Why?

We have skilled, technically advanced employees.

Even before the onset of the pandemic, MBO’s workforce was comprised of highly skilled, technologically advanced industry professionals, many of whom already performed much of their work remotely. Because our metal building company caters to customers in all 50 states, our employees are well-versed in what it takes to see jobs through from conception to completion and otherwise manage customer expectations in a virtual format.

We maintain an information-heavy, user-friendly website.

At MBO, we also strive to make information about steel buildings and their purchase and erection readily accessible on our website. From our 3D design & price tool to our used building database, we make every effort to make the information you need available and easy to find.

We’re poised to meet increased demand.

At MBO, we’ve operated our metal building company in a 100%-remote atmosphere for close to a year now. The pre-engineered metal building industry has undergone rapid growth during this time as lumber mills have shuttered and lumber has become increasingly scarce. Our workforce has demonstrated an ability to cater to the growing number of metal building customers that has emerged within recent months while upholding the same operational and customer service standards that made MBO a fast success more than 35 years ago.

While our employees may work from home this year, you, the customer, should anticipate business as usual. MBOC looks forward to serving you, setting a new standard for all metal building companies and continuing to meet the needs of the nation’s metal building buyers, regardless of what happens in the days, weeks and months to come.