Prefabricated Office Buildings in Los Angeles, California

Metal Building Outlet supplied these (2) prefabricated metal office buildings for a customer in Los Angeles, California, in August of 2019.

Attractive, multifunctional and highly energy efficient, the (2) buildings together serve as an office space for an architectural firm. The first and larger of the steel office buildings stands 48’x96’x22’ in size, while the second offers a finished size of 20’x22.5’x12’. High ceilings make for an impressive, versatile interior space, and while both buildings have rugged Galvalume metal roofs overhead, the larger metal office building’s roof has a 2:12 pitch, while the smaller has a 0.125:12 pitch.

A high-performance insulation package serves as a key customization, with both office buildings boasting R-30 fiberglass insulation in their roofs and R-19 insulation within their walls. Both prefabricated office buildings also have wind speed ratings of 110 mph in accordance with local building code requirements.

California’s most populated city, Los Angeles is a part of Los Angeles County. The city sits about 6 miles outside Hollywood and about 26 miles northwest of Anaheim.

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