Metal Building in Irondale, Alabama

Metal Building Outlet supplied this steel building in Irondale, Alabama, a suburb of Birmingham. Located in northern Alabama, this Jefferson County building is only about 5 miles from Birmingham and about 10 miles from Leeds.

This Nucor metal building is used as a lean-to and is attached to an existing building with one open side and a galvalume single slope roof (1:12 pitch). The roof has a height of 16’ on the lower side and 20’2” where it attaches to the existing building.

Since the climate in Irondale means that there is little or no snow, this building has a very low snow load with the ground snow load being 5 PSF and the roof having a snow load of 3.5 PSF. Wind load for this building is rated to 90 MPH for the blustery climate, prone to storms and in a hurricane risk area.

In addition to the open back side of the building, there are two doors. There is a 3’x7’ walk door and a 14’x14’ door. The completed size of this metal lean-to is: 50’x200’x16’.

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