Metal Building in Shipshewana, Indiana

Metal Building in Burns Harbor, Indiana

Metal Building in Woodburn, Indiana

Metal Building Outlet sourced this prefabricated metal building on behalf of a customer in Woodburn, Indiana. Spacious, bright and multifunctional, the large metal building stands 70’x120’x14.6’ in size once erect and undergoes use as a shop.

Steel Building in Wheatfield, Indiana

Metal Building Outlet sourced this prefabricated steel building for a customer in Wheatfield, Indiana. The steel storage building stands an expansive 60’x144’x16’ once raised and has high overhead clearance so it can accommodate large-scale storage needs.

Metal Building in Indianapolis, Indiana

Metal Building Outlet supplied this metal building for a buyer in Indianapolis, Indiana in early September of 2014.

Now used as a shop, the metal building was constructed using Nucor Building Systems components, and boasts a finished size of 46’6”x80’x19’6”. It is topped with a Galvalume roof, and has a 1:12 roof pitch.

In consideration of the climate of Indianapolis, the city’s occasional snowfall and its tendency toward long, cold winters, the building was built with R-13 insulation in the roof, a ground snow load of 25 lbs. and a wind speed of 90 mph.

Indianapolis is both the capital and the most populous city in the State of Indiana, and sits within Marion County, in Central Indiana. It lies about 122 miles from the City of Fort Wayne and roughly 46 miles from the City of Columbus.

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Steel Building in Indianapolis, Indiana

Metal Building Outlet supplied this pre-engineered steel building in Indianapolis, Indiana, in early January of 2017.

Attractive, low maintenance and energy efficient, the building is light stone in color and now serves as a shop for its owner. It stands 40’x120’x14’ in size, and it is protected overhead by a rugged, corrosion-resistant Galvalume roof with a 2:12 pitch. Inside the metal shop building are (4) framed openings, which include (2) 12’x12’ openings and (2) 3070 openings.

Installed in the structure’s roof and walls is R-10 fiberglass insulation, which reduces energy bills considerably while enhancing interior comfort year-round. A snow load of 20 lbs. and a wind speed rating of 115 mph are additional project features, and they were added in consideration of the four distinct seasons and variable weather patterns characteristic of the region. Indiana’s state capital, the city of Indianapolis sits about 172 miles outside Evansville and about 77 miles from Terre Haute.

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Metal Building in Milford, Indiana

Metal Building Outlet supplied this prefabricated metal building in Milford, Indiana.

The steel structure is a Nucor brand building and was recently ordered to be used for hay storage on a family farm. The structure was relatively large with dimensions of 80’x160’x22′ and a roof pitch of 3:12.

Milford is located approximately 41 miles away from the city of South Bend and 12 miles away from the town of Warsaw. Given the typical climate conditions in the area it was necessary to account for wind and snow to ensure structural integrity.  The structure was rated to withstand 90mph wind loads and a snow load of 30psf.  Since the white structure would be used to store hay insulation was not necessary.

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Two Steel Buildings in Greenburg, Indiana

Metal Building Outlet supplied these (2) steel buildings to a customer in Greenburg, Indiana, in early June of 2014.

The smaller of the two buildings is now a warehouse, while the larger one serves as a boiler cover. The (2) buildings feature Nucor Building Systems components, and each has a Galvalume roof with a 1:12 roof pitch. The first building is sized 60’x50’x20’, and the second stands slightly smaller, at 60’x40’x20. With Indiana’s climate in mind, the pre-engineered buildings boast wind speeds of 90 mph and ground snow loads of 20 lbs.

Additionally, they feature a total of (8) framed openings, among them (3) 14’x14’ doors and (5) 3070 doors.

Greensburg, Indiana lies within and is considered the county seat of Decatur County, in southeastern IIndiana. It lies about 123 miles outside the City of Terra Haute and about 52 miles from the Indiana State Capital of Indianapolis.

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Metal Building in Bloomington, Indiana

Metal Building in Brazil, Indiana

In 2011, this Nucor brand steel building was purchased from Metal Building Outlet to be used for farm equipment storage in Brazil, Indiana.

Located approximately 61 miles away from Indianapolis, the storage unit was 60’x100’x16′ with a roof pitch of 1:12.  The structure had several framed openings including an 18×14 openings, a 14×14 opening, two 3×3 windows and a 3×7 walkdoor.  To combat typical climate conditions in Indiana, R-10 roof insulation and R-19 wall insulation was also installed.

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