Metal Building in Carthage, North Carolina

Metal Building Outlet supplied this steel building for use as a shop to a satisfied customer in Carthage, North Carolina. The Nucor-brand metal building measures 50’x100’x16’ and has a roof pitch of 2:12. It was outfitted with a 40’x14’ bifold door, a 3’x7’ walkdoor, and a 16’x14’ overhead door.

Steel Building in Springer, New Mexico

Metal Building Outlet supplied this steel building in Springer, New Mexico. Located in Colfax County in north central New Mexico this metal building is used for machinery storage on the owner’s property

Metal Building in Lee, New Hampshire

Metal Building Outlet supplied this metal building in Lee, New Hampshire. This building is used as a distribution warehouse for S & J Transportation. They are a repeat customer.

Metal Buildings in Jarbidge, Nevada

Bruneau River Ranch purchased a pair of durable steel buildings from Metal Building Outlet for their mining operation. Both buildings were manufactured by Guardian Building Products.

Steel Building in Springfield, Missouri

Metal Building Outlet supplied this steel building in Springfield, Missouri. This steel building is being used by CMC Recycling Factory, a Green County Company. 

Steel Building in Homer, Michigan

Metal Building Outlet supplied this steel industrial building for use as a flour mill in Homer, Michigan. The entrepreneurial owner of this Nucor-brand building chose to purchase this structure from Metal Building Outlet to stay in compliance with building codes.

The owner erected the new flour mill which measured 35’x40’x12’ and had a roof pitch of 1:12 independently. The sagebrush tan structure has a galvalume roof. The rear end wall has a 10’x10’ door also included is 3070 store front door. A 3’x’7’ window was field located in the building instead of the frame opening being designed with the building.  Field locating doors and windows is a common practice because the owners do not always know exactly where they want them placed ahead-of-time.

The building has R-19 roof insulation and R-13 wall insulation. The flour mill is located 102 miles outside of Detroit and 110 miles away from Grand Rapids in rural Michigan.

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Steel Building in Forest, Mississippi

Metal Building Outlet supplied this steel building to Batte & Hollingsworth Lumber CO in Forest, Mississippi.  Purchased in September, 2009 it is a sawmill in Scott County.

All of the steel for this sawmill was manufactured by Nucor. This sawmill is large with the dimensions of 80’x150’x24’ and the polar white has a pitch roof of 1:12.

Forest is 47 miles from Jackson, MI and 11 miles from Morton, MI.  For Mississippi contractor click here

Metal Building in Cottonwood, Minnesota

Steel Building in Clara City, Minnesota

Metal Building Outlet supplied this cost-effective dual shop and storage unit to Clara City, Minnesota.  This Nucor-brand building was used to store machinery and was outfitted with a large 34’x18’ bi-fold door.  The shop measured 50’x80’x20’ and had a roof pitch of 2:12.  In addition, the structure had a framed 3’x7’ walkdoor.

Before purchasing the building the customer compared the price of steel buildings vs. the cost of pole wood framed ones.  Metal Building Outlet’s pricing was less expensive.

The structure is located about 113 miles away from Minneapolis and 201 miles away from Rochester. Clara City is located in Chippewa County, Minnesota. Click here to contact a Minnesota contractor.

Steel Building in Cotton Valley, Louisiana

Metal Building Outlet supplied this steel building in Cotton Valley, Louisiana.

Now used as a shop by Calumet Lubricants, a hydrocarbon product manufacturer, the metal building is 51’x55.2’x16’ in size and is crafted from rugged components from Nucor Building Systems. It boasts light stone-colored paint and a corrosion-resistant Galvalume roof with a 1:12 pitch.

Additional building features include (3) framed openings, among them (2) 14’x14’ roll-up coil doors and (1) heavy-duty 20-gauge steel walk door for convenient user access. To help keep the interior warm in the winter and cool in the summer, R-19 insulation is included in the roof, while R-13 insulation adorns the walls.

Cotton Valley sees considerable rainfall throughout the year and very little, if any, snowfall. With the region’s typical weather patterns in mind, the building was designed with a wind speed of 90 mph and a ground snow load of 5 lbs. at the time of construction.

Cotton Valley is a part of Webster Parish in northern Louisiana, not far from the Arkansas border. It sits about 20 miles northwest of Minden and about 43.3 miles northeast of Shreveport.

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