Garage Kit

Metal Building in Middleborough, Massachusetts

Metal Building in Saucier, Mississippi

Metal Building Outlet supplied this metal building in Saucier, Mississippi. The garage kit was one of our Quick Ship building kits. These kits provide a very short construction time and are very affordable.

Arizona Garage Building

Steel Building in Gilbert, Arizona

Metal Building Outlet supplied this residential shop and garage in Gilbert, Arizona. The family who also owns and operates a nationwide business needed a workshop to assist in day to day operations. With affordability, simplicity and durability at the forefront, we supplied a multifunctional metal building that this family can use for a number of purposes.

Shop Building

Metal Building in Moffit, North Dakota

Metal Building Outlet supplied this metal building in Moffit, North Dakota. The prefabricated building kit was designed for use as a shop and garage building.

Metal Building in Wales, Utah

Metal Building Outlet supplied this pre-engineered metal building for a customer in Wales, Utah, in October, 2020.

Now in use as a garage, the insulated, energy-efficient metal building features top-quality steel construction and is 40’x60’x16’ in size.

Garage Building

Metal Building in West Forks, Maine

Metal Building Outlet provided this prefabricated metal building for a customer in West Forks, Maine.

The durable, low-maintenance building serves multiple purposes and stands 24’x24’x11’ in size.

Arizona Metal Garage

Metal Building in Surprise, Arizona

Metal Building Outlet delivered this metal building in Surprise, Arizona. The combination shop and garage building was made from top quality steel materials.

Metal Building Kit

Metal Building in Almo, Idaho

Metal Building Outlet supplied a metal building in Alamo Idaho. The owners requested a residential RV garage and workshop for their residential ranch. MBO delivered a tall standing steel structure with clear span space to accommodate their RV camper.

Metal Building in Marengo, Illinois

Metal Building Outlet supplied a metal building in Marengo, Illinois to an established family within the agricultural industry. The farm required a new shop building to serve as a workshop for their equipment.

Metal Building in Ormond Beach, Florida

Metal Building Outlet sourced this pre-engineered metal building on behalf of a customer in Ormond Beach, Florida, in late August of 2020.

Rugged, reliable and well-equipped for Florida’s often wet, humid climate, the building stands 25’x40’x14’ in size and is in use as a garage.