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Cancelled Order - Single Slope Steel Building
50 x 100 x 14-16.
Job# TX1305
Need a building fast? Available now - all steel single slope building with Texas engineered stamped plans ready to deliver or pick up. It retails for $29,892 - you can have it for $24,800. Call for details at 1-800-292-0111.
Used 'A' Model Metal Building 30 x 34 x 14.
Job# AR1304
Unassembled 30ft wide x 34ft long, and 14ft tall A- Model storage building 22 gauge metal.Still strapped to shipping pallets in my garage. Call 1-800-292-0111 for details.
Steel Building - Cancelled Order 70 x 150 x 16.
Job# CA1303
Customer ordered but could not take delivery. This building would make a great auto/truck repair shop or warehouse. It comes with California engineer stamped plans and
calculations - on the ground and ready to go.
Was $65,622 - Now $48,622. Call 1-800-292-0111 for details.
Used Steel Building 40 x 60 x 10.
Job# CO1302
This building has a 4:12 roof pitch with a heavy snow load and is in great condition. The doors and insulation are included. Call for more information at 1-800-292-0111.
Must Sell Steel Building Just Erected 30 x 45 x 12.
Job# NC1301
This auto shop is only 3 months old but must sell due to city, building is new with full gutter system 3 garage door openings and two walk through door openings. Call 1-800-292-0111 to make offer.
Metal Arch Building Never Erected 25 x 40 x 12.
Job# CA1300
S - model arch building still on shipping pallets makes a great over sized garage or shop, stamped plans included.
Call 1-800-292-0111 for more information.
Used Metal Building 30 x 40 x 14.
Job# TN1299
This 30 x 40 x 14 building is in very good shape and fully equipped with all the lights and electrical panels,pegboard metal on the interior. Call 1-800-292-0111 to make offer.
Amarr Overhead Doors Model 2400 - 10' x 12'.
Job# AL1298
Four quality Amarr doors 10 x 12 with chain hoist.
MUST SELL - call 1-800-292-0111 for details.
Used Metal Building 30 x 80 x 11.
Job# SC1297
Metal building 30 x 65 roof with an enclosed 30 x 15 x 11 building attached. Very good condition, purchaser to take down and take with. Call 1-800-292-0111 for details.
New P-Model Steel Arch Building 26 x 28 x 16.
Job# WY1296
It has never been erected, and all instructions and parts needed are included. It has a 18' x 10' framed opening on one end wall. The other end wall is solid. Call 1-800-292-0111 for more information.
New Never Erected Steel Building 40 x 20 x 14.
Job# TX1295
The metal panels are still banded together and all hardware including gutters. Building is open on 3 sides engineered drawings included. Call 1-800-292-0111 for details.
New Steel Building - Cancelled Order 50 x 100 x 16.
Job# PA1294
Our customer couldn't take delivery of this 5000 sq. ft. metal building and we need to sell. It comes with 3)12 x 14 and 1) walkdoor opening and 1) 40/30 window framed opening. On the ground-ready for pickup or delivery NOW.
Call 1-800-292-0111 for more information.
New Never Erected P-model Steel Arch Building 14 x 18 x 12.
Job# FL1293
A brand new P model Quonset style building with vertical walls and an 8 foot opening for a garage door in the front
It is still strapped to the pallets like when it was dropped off from the manufacturer. Call 1-800-292-0111 for details.
Used Steel Building 28 x 34 x 12.
Job# SC1292
This metal building comes with 2) 10 x 10 roll-up doors and makes a great garage or barn. Very easy to disassemble and reconstruct. Call 1-800-292-0111 for details.
Used Steel Building Frame 50 x 125 x 16.
Job# IN1291
50' trusses and 16' columns, girts and purlins are included.
Ready to pick up. Use your own sheeting or we can supply. Make an offer at 1-800-292-0111
Used Steel Building Frames 70 x 160 x 16.
Job# IL1290
70 wide x 16 high steel building frames on the ground and ready to pick up. Call 1-800-292-0111 for more information.
Used 'A' Model Metal Arch Building 25 x 25.
Job# OR1289
This building is like new. I have the instructions and the engineered plans. It also comes with a solid back wall and front opening that will accept a man door and a 10 x 10 rolling door. All the parts are there. Call 1-800-292-0111 to make an offer.
New Never Erected Steel Arch Building 36 x 60.
Job# TN1288
Comes with the endwalls for a 10 x 12 roll up or sliding door and one 4 ft man door. All the hardware and instruction manuals are included and the building is still on pallets. It's very durable and made to withstand up to 160 mph winds, long lasting building.Call 1-800-292-0111 for more information.
Used Steel Beams 112 x 20.
Job# FL1287
24 steel beams - 6 beams for each 112ft span x 20 high 3:12 roof pitch. Call 1-800-292-0111 for details.
Metal Building Canceled Order 40x60x14.
Job# TN1286
40x60x14 Nucor metal building. Can ship immediately. Designed for TN loading. Customer backed out. 3-14x12 framed openings, 1- 3070 framed opening. Call 1-800-292-0111 for more details
New Never Erected Building Available Now 60 x 140 x 20.
Job# OH1285
Customer ordered but couldn't take delivery. It has 9)16 x 14 overhead door openings. Would make a great auto/truck shop. All plans and warranties included. Details at 1-800-292-0111.
Never Erected Steel Building Frame 24 X 30 X 10 Was $9,975 Now - $5,975 California.
Job# CA1284
This 24'x 30' x 10' steel building frame has never been assembled and comes with an 8 x 8 roll-up door a 3 x 7 walk door and the plans. Call 1-800-292-0111 for details.
10,000 ft of Barely Used 2" Commercial Sprinkler Piping
Job# IN1283
Pipe: A795 Grade A 2” Schedule 40
-comes with sprinkler heads
-10,000 ft (20’ sections)
-$4.00 ft can be used for water pipe.
Call 1-800-292-0111 for details.
Used Roof Only Steel Building 78 x 150 x 40.
Job# AR1282
Hard to find 40' tall metal building. Call and make offer at 1-800-292-0111.
New Never Erected S-Model Steel Arch Building 30 x 40 x 16.
Job# TX1281
Kit includes 8' double doors for side mount,sky-lights and plans. Still on the shipping pallets. Call 1-800-292-0111 for details.

Used Pallet Racking 800 Sections $150-$190 per Unit INDIANA
Job# IN1280
400 Interlake Pallet Racking Units ($190 never used)
- 42" x 8' x 18', 3 Shelves, 4" Rails

400 Sturdi-Bilt Pallet Racking Units ($170 used)
- 42" x 8' x 18', 3 Shelves, 4" Rails
New Metal Building Never Put Up 60 x 70 x 20.
Job# NE1279
Comes with complete engineered and signed plans with all specs. With the 20' eave you could make a second floor. Call us at 1-800-292-0111 for more information.
New Never Erected 'A' model Arch Building 25 x 30 x 16.
Job# NE1278
Metal arch building great for a garage or shop. Still on pallets. Plans and erection manuals included. Call us at 1-800-292-0111 for details.
Used Metal Riding Arena 90 x 100 x 17.
Job# TX1277
Rodeo arena - roof and frame would make a great hay storage building too. More information at 1-800-292-0111.
Used Metal Building 55 x 110 x 14.
Job# IN1276
This would be great for entrepreneurs looking to open a business, or for a church or a big farm building. Construction plans included and ready to load. Call 1-800-292-0111 for details.
1-30 of 674 Buildings