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Metal Building in Aspen, Colorado

Metal Building Outlet supplied this steel building in Aspen, Colorado, in the heart of Colorado’s High Country Pitkin County for Sunny Ranch. Aspen is about 45 miles from scenic Glenwood Springs and about 200 miles west of Denver. Being in the Colorado’s Rockies, accommodations needed to be added to make this building more sturdy for blustery blizzards and heavy snow pack.

The building was purchased in September, 2013 as a frame only structure. The owner bought the roof sheeting himself for this metal sand storage building. It has a wind rating of 90 MPH and is rated for ground snow load of 81 PSF (pounds per square foot). The size of the structure is 35’x60’x16’ and the roof has a pitch of 1:12.

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Steel Building in Lafayette, Colorado

Colorado Metal Building

Steel Building in Black Hawk, Colorado

Steel Building in Kiowa, Colorado

Metal Building in Yoder, Colorado

Metal Building in Sedalia, Colorado

Metal Garage Building in Parker, Colorado

Steel Building in Olathe, Colorado

The customer got this building at an incredible deal because it was considered used it was purchased from Metal Building Outlet by another customer however it was never erected.  To save even more money the buyer decided to erect it himself.  This particular building is located in Olathe, CO and is used as a steel agricultural building.  Located in Montrose County in western Colorado, Olathe is known for its annual Sweet Corn Festival and BMX biking.  The town of Olathe is not far from Montrose and Delta (about 10 miles each). To see more of our used building visit our Classified Ads.

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Steel Building in Nathrop, Colorado

This Nucor metal building was purchased from Metal Building Outlet for a wide variety of personal uses.  This versatile building is used as a garage, lawn and garden equipment storage and as workshop.  Metal Building Outlet supplied the windows, overhead door and steel walk door.

Nathrop, Colorado is a small town located in scenic Chaffee County. It is approximately 15 miles from Salida and 75 miles from Canyon City.  This sturdy building with an attractive galvalume roof fits in perfectly in Nathrop, with the town’s charm of being a “ghost town” and the need for a multi-purpose building in a fairly isolated area. 

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Metal Building in Longmont, Colorado

This Nucor steel building was purchased from Metal Building Outlet in May 2011 as an addition to an exciting building. It is used as a retail space to sell plastic geometric parts for a business in Longmont, CO. Steel buildings are very versatile and are built to last. Metal building kits give the owners the flexibility to design their buildings to meet their needs. Choosing a number of options from colors to roof types, wind & snow loads, as well as, openings for doors and windows.

Longmont, Colorado is about 15 miles from Boulder and Loveland. The steel components come from Nucor Steel Buildings in Utah, the shipping time and cost is very reasonable.

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