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Metal Shop Building in Springtown, Texas

Metal Building Outlet was pleased to supply this prefabricated metal shop building for a customer in Springtown, Texas. Functional, low-maintenance and energy efficient, the building features premium-quality steel construction and undergoes use as a workshop. Following a simple construction process, the steel shop stands a spacious 30’x30’x10’ in size and has a wide clear span that makes the most of available space by eliminating the need for inside columns or supports.

Metal Shop Building in Wake, Virginia

Metal Building Outlet was the proud provider of this pre-engineered metal shop building in Wake, Virginia. Built to last and highly customized to meet the buyer’s unique needs, the building offers unmatched structural integrity and features top-quality steel construction. Now in use as a shop, the steel building stands an expansive 100’x200’x16’ in size and has high ceilings that provide additional room for storage or other use.

Metal Building in Grapeview, Washington

Metal Building Outlet supplied this prefabricated metal building in Grapeview, Washington.
Insulated and highly customized in accordance with the buyer’s needs, the building is now in use as a shop and stands 40’x60’x17’ in size.

Metal Building in Watford City, North Dakota

Metal Building Outlet supplied this steel building in Watford City, North Dakota. A real estate developer purchased this spec building for shop and office space.

Metal Workshop Building in Pasco, Washington

Metal Building Outlet provided this pre-engineered metal building for a buyer in Pasco, Washington. Engineered to last and insulated to maximize energy efficiency, this building features top-quality steel construction and currently undergoes use as a shop. Spacious and expansive, it stands 80’x125’x24’ in size and has high overhead clearance that enhances usable space and versatility.

Steel Building in Hernandez, New Mexico

Metal Building Outlet provided this prefabricated metal building for a buyer in Hernandez, New Mexico. Now serving as a shop, the building is ash gray in color and is crafted using premium-grade steel components. It stands 30’x30’x12’ in size, and its roof has a 4:12 pitch.

Metal Building in Vass, North Carolina

Metal Building Outlet supplied this premanufactured metal building in Vass, North Carolina. Fully insulated and designed to maximize year-round comfort, the metal building now serves as a shop, and it stands 40’x60’x14’ in size once fully erect.

Metal Building in Woodridge, New Jersey

Metal Building Outlet assisted with the purchase of this steel building in Woodridge, New Jersey. The customer is a general contractor and purchased the building to be used as a personal shop in northeastern New Jersey in Bergen County.

Metal Building in Reno, Nevada

Metal Building Outlet was the provider of this preconstructed metal building in Reno, Nevada. Offering durability, longevity and easy adaptability, the building is comprised of top-quality steel components, and it now functions as a workshop. It features a striking, Saddle Tan exterior and a matching Saddle Tan metal roof with a 1:12 pitch.

Metal Shop Building in Clatonia, Nebraska

Metal Building Outlet sourced this prefabricated metal building on behalf of a client in Clatonia, Nebraska. Offering supreme durability, energy efficiency and accessibility, the metal building stands 60’x125’x18’ in size and now functions as a shop.