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Metal Roof Only Canopy in Concordia, Kansas

Metal Building Outlet supplied this pre-engineered metal roof-only structure for a customer in Concordia, Kansas in June of 2013.

Crafted from Nucor Building Systems components, the metal, roof-only canopy stands 80’x70’x12’ with a Galvalume roof and a 2:12 roof pitch, and now serves as a patio cover, providing shade and shelter for its owner.

Due to Concordia’s humid-continental climate, the city sees considerable wind and precipitation, and experiences virtually no dry season. With this in mind, the steel canopy was constructed with a wind speed of 90 mph, a roof snow load of 21 lbs. and a ground snow load of 25 lbs.

Concordia is considered the county seat of Cloud County, Kansas, and is a part of the Smoky Hills region of the Great Plains of north-central Kansas. It lies about 159 miles from the Kansas state capital of Topeka, and about 222 miles outside of Kansas City.

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