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Metal Building in Custer, Michigan

Metal Building Outlet supplied this prefabricated metal building for a customer in Custer, Michigan.

Both energy efficient and exceedingly durable, the building stands 40’x60’x12’ in size and is now used as a shop by the owner. Crafted from premium-grade steel components, the building boasts a long-lasting, corrosion-resistant metal Galvalume roof with a 4:12 roof pitch. Inside the building are (5) framed openings, among them (2) 10’x10’ openings and (3) that house 3070 insulated commercial walk doors with lever locks.

To reduce energy costs while improving interior comfort and helping muffle outside noise, R-10 metal building insulation is installed in both the roof and walls. A high snow load of 60 lbs. and a wind speed of 90 mph serve as additional building features, and they were included in consideration of Custer’s typical climate.

Located within Mason County in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, the village is Custer lies about 98 miles outside Mount Pleasant and about 50 miles from Whitehall.

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Steel Building in Mattawan, Michigan

Metal Building Outlet supplied this Arch Quonset Hut for storage on Boothby Farms in Mattawan, Michigan. This building was purchased at a used building sale in November of 2011, and the Galvalume-colored building had never been previously erected.

The structure measured 50’x80’x19’ and came equipped with a framed 24’x14’ double sliding door system. Mattawan is located about 15 miles away from Kalamazoo, MI and around 60 miles away from Grand Rapids, MI. This storage structure was an especially cost-effective solution for a storage unit in rural Michigan.

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Steel Building in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Metal Building Outlet supplied this prefabricated steel building in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Now used as a shop by the owner, the sturdy, large and low-maintenance steel building stands 60’x150’21’ in size and is covered by a corrosion-resistant Galvalume roof with a 1:12 pitch. Additional features of the Nucor Building Systems-brand building include (12) framed openings, (6) of which are 14’x14’ in size, and (6) of which house 3070 walk doors for easy user entry and access.

Kalamazoo is prone to heavy annual snowfall, lake-effect snowstorms and other strong storm activity throughout this year. With this in consideration, the metal building was constructed with a wind speed of 90 mph and a ground snow load of 35 lbs.

Located in southwest Michigan’s Kalamazoo County in the state’s Lower Peninsula, the City of Kalamazoo lies about 76 miles outside Lansing and 27 miles from Battle Creek.

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