Mini Storage Site Planning

Mini Storage Site PlanA professionally designed mini storage site plan will lay out the building unit structures on your specific property plot for the best use of space. This will insure that the investor achieves optimum rentable storage space. Considerations for set backs, traffic flow, entrances, retention ponds, climate control units versus standard storage units, and easements that are existing will be shown on the self storage plot plan. This top view comprehensive mini storage layout is commonly an essential part of the self storage project planning process, financing, project bid documents, zoning variances, and building department approval.

Metal Building Outlet will assign a mini storage site planner to work directly with you. Due to the fact our self storage building designers specialize in this type of construction the cost is commonly a fraction of what an outside local steel building design planning organization would charge.

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Sample Site Plans

Half Acre Site Plan

Half Acre Plan

One Acre Site Plan

1 Acre Site Plan

Two Acres Site Plan

2 Acre Site Plan

Three Acres Site Plan

3 Acres Site Plan

Four Acres Site Plan

4 Acres Site Plan

Ten Plus Acres Site Plan

10 Plus Acres Site Plan