Metal Building in Vail, Iowa

Metal Building Outlet supplied this metal building in Vail, Iowa.  Located in Crawford County in central western Iowa Vail is about 110 miles from Des Moines.

This huge Nucor machinery storage building has been used by its owner since January, 2011.  This building has a little bit of everything that a metal building can offer with several options for framed openings as well as an energy efficient insulation package for both walls and roof.

The building is a spacious 60’x100’x20′.  The walls of this building are insulated with an R-19 rating and the roof is insulated with an R-32 rating.  The roof of this building has a 2:12 pitch. Featured on this building are three framed openings each used for doors.  The largest of these doors is a 30’x18’ overhead door.  The remaining doors are two 3’x7’ walkdoors.

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