MBOC Stickers Are Going Up Around the Country

Metal Building Sticker

Have you seen MBOC Stickers on a building near you? When buying a metal building, it helps to purchase it from a reliable, established supplier that you trust will stay in business for the foreseeable future. Buying metal buildings from a reputable, well-known provider such as Metal Building Outlet Corp. helps ensure that the company can assist in the event that you need erection help, additional product information or related assistance.

It also helps guarantee that the supplier upholds any warranties that came with your metal building and that you aren’t stuck trying to chase down some fly-by-night metal building supplier that “takes the money and runs,” shuttering operations soon after supplying yours.

MBO’s Peak Box Labels

You may have seen MBO and MBOC peak box labels popping up all over the nation in recent years, with MBO affixing these stickers to every metal building supplied. Metal building sales have increased as of late for several reasons, including the fact that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has led to significant lumber shortages in many parts of the country.

MBO’s quality, affordable metal building kits have become especially popular in recent months and years, with many existing customers sharing their positive experiences with their colleagues and repurchasing additional metal buildings for their own use. As metal building sales continue to climb, so, too, does the number of MBOC peak box stickers popping up from coast to coast, and we hope this helps instill confidence in you and metal building buyers everywhere.

Continued Growth

MBO takes pride in supplying high-quality metal buildings to our customers, and we strive to provide a level of service that trumps industry standards and encourages referrals and future purchases. We thank you for contributing to MBO’s continued growth, and we look forward to seeing more MBOC peak box labels popping up on buildings across the nation for generations to come.