Self Storage Business Feasibility Studies

The goal of a Self Storage Feasibility Study is to layout the projects in a manner it can be analyzed by the investor. At that juncture, they can assess the project’s viability.

Feasibility Study

Feasibility Reports Include:

  • Self-storage industry data
  • Area, locations and competition map
  • Project description
  • Photographs of property
  • Community data
  • Municipality data
  • Flood map
  • Macro and micro site analysis
  • Square-foot-per-capita analysis
  • Market demand
  • Definition and comments on primary and secondary markets
  • Competitive analysis: primary and market
  • Unit mix and rental rates
  • Absorption analysis
  • Exit strategy
  • Store-operations commentary
  • Insurance quote
  • Yellow Page quote
  • Construction-cost estimates
  • Five to seven years of month-by-month budgets
  • Investment-return analysis
  • Conclusion and recommendations