Steel Building in Cleveland, Texas

Metal Building Outlet supplied this steel building in Cleveland, Texas for a company called JFW, Inc.  JFW, Inc. has a full-service fabrication facility for alloy and carbon piping. They provided field services and installation of piping.  Located in Liberty County and about 50 miles from Houston and 200 miles from Austin this metal building was purchased in April, 2013 to be used primarily as living quarters.

Taking advantage of the flexibility of Nucor steel buildings the owner of this building added several features to the building.  There are plans to add a Mezzanine in the future to this building.  This metal building currently has a completed size of 50’x75’x20’ and a galvalume roof with a 1:12 pitch.  The wind load is 110 MPH to meet local code.  The building has ground snow load of 5 PSF and 3.5 PSF for the roof.

Adding to the functionality and accessibility of this metal building various sizes of doors and windows were selected.  In total, there are five doors and six windows.  Of the five doors, three of them are 12’x14’ roll coil doors and the remaining two are a 3’x7’ walkdoors and the other is a 6’x7’ (known as a double walkdoor).  The six windows are all 4’x6’.

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