Metal Building in Gormania, West Virginia

Metal Building Outlet supplied this prefabricated metal building in Gormania, West Virginia, in November of 2019.

Standing 48’x25’x16’ in size, the energy-efficient steel building is in use as a shop, and it features an open, clear-span design that makes the most of usable floor space. High overhead clearance enhances functionality even further, while a rugged Galvalume roof with a modest 1:12 pitch protects the interior of the workshop from above.

The metal building features an insulation package, with layers of R-19 fiberglass insulation installed in its roof and walls. The insulation package brings with it a number of key benefits, including lower energy bills, improved comfort and better sound control. The shop also has (3) framed openings enhancing accessibility, among them (1) 3’4”x7’2” door opening and (2) 12’x12’ overhead door openings.

Other features included out of respect for the climate of Gormania and the building code regulations applicable in the area include a 110-mph wind speed rating and a 45-pound snow load. Situated along the North Branch Potomac River, Gormania is part of northern West Virginia’s Grant County. The unincorporated community is located just outside Gorman and about 67 miles southeast of Morgantown.

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Metal Building in Petersburg, West Virginia

Metal Building Outlet was pleased to supply this pre-engineered metal building for a customer in Petersburg, West Virginia, in June of 2019.

Currently, the rugged, built-to-last metal building functions as a shop for Grant County Mulch, a mulch supplier that serves customers across Petersburg and much of West Virginia. Attractive and accommodating, the building boasts a bold, Rustic Red exterior, and once raised, it stands 55’x100’x20’.

It has a wide clear span, freeing up as much interior floor space as possible, and high overhead clearance, which makes the building particularly versatile. The roof of the metal shop, meanwhile, is Burnished Slate in color with a modest 1:12 pitch, and distributed throughout the shop are (4) framed openings. Featured are (2) 16’x16’ openings and (2) 3070 walk door openings housing (2) 3070 walk doors.

A 30-pound snow load and a 115-mph wind speed rating are additional customizations that make the shop particularly well-suited for life in the region while keeping it in compliance with local building codes. Part of eastern West Virginia’s Grant County, Petersburg underwent incorporation in 1910. The community sits about 29 miles outside Franklin, West Virginia, and about 12 miles southwest of Moorefield.

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Steel Building in Buckhannon, West Virginia

Metal Building Outlet supplied this metal building to West Virginia Split Rail (WVSR) in Buckhannon, West Virginia in 2012.  This steel building has a galvalume roof and it measures 100’x150’x20’ with a roof pitch of 1:12.  This building is rated to withstand wind loads of 90mph and snow loads of 30psf.

Buckhannon is located about 109 miles from Parkersburg and 119 miles from Charleston in Upsher County.  Click here to contact a West Virginia contractor

Steel Building in Wardensville, West Virginia

Metal Building Outlet supplied this steel building for use as storage to a customer in Wardensville, West Virginia in 2009.  This metal building measures 50’x80’x16’ and has a roof pitch of 2:12.  It has a galvalume roof. There are a number of framed openings which include three 12’x14’ overhead sectional doors, one 3×7 walkdoor, and one 4×3 window.  To reduce heating and cooling costs, this building was outfitted with R-10 roof and wall insulation.  This Nucor-brand steel building is both cost-effective and energy efficient.

Wardensvills is a small town located in Hardy County, about 34 miles from Augusta and 50 miles from Romney.  Click here to find a West Virginia contractor