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Commercial Steel Building

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Commercial Metal Building

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Your Commercial Metal Building should be more than just a place to work. It should reflect the image that you want to convey for your company. An attractive Commercial Steel Building or metal shop building from Metal Building Outlet gives you a sense of pride in ownership and complements the surrounding community.

Commercial buildings are defined as a structures designed for profit. This type of use is usually associated with Industrial parks and retail developments. Local and city planners may have strict ordinances and site-specific zoning laws that govern the size, look, and type of construction required for commercial metal buildings. The process of getting through to the building department can be challenging to say the least. Metal Building Outlet works with you to ease any frustration during this process. We maintain a database of local contractors familiar with the building departments, zoning process, site planning and overall project management.

We offer one of the most comprehensive commercial steel building packages available on the market. Working daily with architects nationally allows us to understand the level of detail required to properly complete your project. Unlike many other metal building suppliers, we do not piece your project together. Your entire project is managed in house until completion.

From our high-grade surface coatings to extra heavy metal skins and the high strength steel used in our structural building systems such as for mini storage buildings, the end products you receive from Metal Building Outlet will be of the highest quality available on the market. When you compare durability, design, service and care you will understand why we have thousands of satisfied commercial building customers.

Metal Building Outlet's partnership with several brand name metal building suppliers allows us to give our customers top quality commercial metal buildings at discount prices of as much as 50% off. Our commercial steel buildings are pre-engineered, which considerably shortens the time from design of the building to a finished building when compared to traditional building techniques. Standard metal buildings can be in place in half the time it takes for traditional building construction.


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